The Data Speaks For Us

Grade 7 Indigenous student, whose behaviour significantly impacted academic achievement, has begun to confidently engage in classroom learning after experiencing 6 years growth in numeracy in 1.5 weeks. The CEO has not witnessed this speed of growth in her entire career as an educator.

Grade 4 Indigenous student experiences 1.5 years growth in literacy in 2 weeks. The student now enjoys going to school and has begun participating more in classroom learning.

Grade 1 Indigenous student could not read, nor could the student write independently. After only 3 weeks of developing phonological awareness and inner resilience, the student is now decoding simple sentences in decodable books. Following this breakthrough, the intrinsic motivation driven by academic success had a direct impact on writing ability!

Our program is working! Teachers are noticing! “I don’t know where this child has come from, but he smashed out the spelling test today. Usually, he is struggling to get 5 correct and today he got 20 out of 26!”

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