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We sell educational programs and children’s literature that promote authentic learning opportunities and inspire travel amongst children and youth.

By purchasing our educational products, you are financially supporting the HoTLaNe Academy and School of Wanderers. This makes it possible for a greater number of educationally disadvantaged children and youth to access free services that help them get back on track and catch up.




Our Investment Initiatives

Australian Tourism

We are creating teaching and learning programs that promote tourism amongst children and youth across Australia.



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Our Investment Initiatives

Global Communications

We are creating educational programs that promote cross cultural awareness and international tourism amongst young people.

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Project 1 – The People of PNG – links

PNG Project in Port Moresby

PNG Project in Markham Valley

PNG Project Supporting Schools in Markham

Project 2 – Kokoda – Links

Training in Laurieton and Port Macquarie

Training at Stoney Aqua and Action Park

Become a Sponsor

The HoTLaNe Academy provides services that are free to students who are educationally disadvantaged. Tikvah Education Australia relies upon the revenue that is generated from the sale of its products, as well as from government, business and community-based organisations and individuals who contribute to making this program possible.

How you can become a sponsor:

  • Sponsor a project – Your sponsorship will support us in creating authentic learning opportunities for young people. These projects take the Tikvah team across Australia and internationally collecting content that will inspire young people to explore the world themselves. The educational programs we create will generate long-term income for HoTLaNe. Your sponsorship will help us fund these projects.
    • Call us to
      • advertise your business in our PNG magazine – closing November 2023
      • sponsor our walk along the Kokoda Trail in November 2023 where we will take students between the ages of 9 and 15 to experience the history of the war

Contact: Korinne Vitnell – Global Community Engagement Officer – (+61) 488 179 386

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These programs promote tourism, and national and global awareness amongst young people.


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