Hope Through Literacy & Numeracy

HoTLaNe Academy

Intensive literacy and numeracy education program.

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Intensive Tuition Program

  • Prices: literacy & numeracy
    • Private tuition $65/hr
    • Small group tuition $30/hr
  • Compressed delivery tuition services to help kids and youth catch up to grade level.
  • Available all year, except December 23 – January 5
  • 2hr to full day blocks of instruction.
  • Aligning skills across curriculum content areas.
  • eLearning, face-to-face, play-based learning & excursions.


  • Available to selected HoTLaNe Academy students who are significantly behind grade level.
  • Implemented in conjunction with the TikvahSCHOLAR pre-service teacher program.
  • Invitation for FREE participation in the following:
    • Short stints of instruction during eConferences.
    • HoTLaNe Academy kids and youth conventions.
    • Compressed delivery tuition (2hr to full day blocks).
    • School of Wanderers interstate and international excursions.
Student Work Sample 4

An Indigenous student experiences 1.5 YEARS GROWTH IN TWO WEEKS

The HoTLaNe Academy is a compressed delivery tuition program. The intention is that consistent, targeted academic intervention in literacy and numeracy significantly improves student outcomes at school. Our goal is for this form of delivery to help kids and youth catch up so that they are no longer behind their class.

This work sample demonstrates that the compressed delivery format works. Intensive instruction was provided to the grade 4 student with sustained instruction enabling her to pick up literacy skills quickly. It is no longer a struggle to get this student to school each morning.


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HoTLaNe Academy services are provided free of charge to educationally disadvantaged students who are enrolled in Australian public schools.
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