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We are addressing the serious issue that a significant number of Australian children and youth can’t read and write.

Tikvah Education Australia works collaboratively with schools across every state of
Australia to identify and support students who are at significant risk of not achieving
their educational targets in literacy and numeracy before the conclusion of their primary,
or high school, education.

Free, one-on-one, personalized instruction is provided by accredited teachers to equip
students, who are significantly behind national standards, so they can experience greater
confidence and success in school.

Link: HoTLaNe Eligibility Procedures

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Papua New Guinea

7 students travelled to PNG in November 2023 to walk the Kokoda Track.

Find photographs and videos of the excursion on our Facebook page.


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Who is Eligible for the HoTLaNe Academy?

Students are identified as being eligible for enrolment in the HoTLaNe Academy under the following guidelines:

Primary and secondary students in grades 1-10 who are:

  • Enrolled in an Australian public school, including Distance Education
  • (or) Homeschooling where Distance Education has been formally determined to be unsuitable

Students academic achievement in literacy and numeracy:

  • Falls within the achievement codes outlined in the academic achievement chart
  • (or) is at risk of not attaining grade level achievement before the conclusion of grade 6
  • (or) continues to fall within the achievement codes outlined in the academic achievement chart when in grades 7-10

For more detailed information:

Link: HoTLaNe Eligibility Procedures PDF

Student Support Structure

  • One-on-one instruction delivered by qualified teaching professionals.
  • Evidence-based instruction.
  • 4 or more hours of HoTLaNe lessons per week to help students ‘catch-up’. (See enrolment categories)
  • Behaviour management support.
  • Timely reports that thoroughly communicate skills and progress against the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions (ACARA).
  • Collaborative practice.
  • Ongoing enrolment until the student demonstrates national standards
  • School of Wanderers – eligibility for sponsorship

Link: HoTLaNe Eligibility Procedures PDF

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Funding Our Services

Donations to the Foundation are tax deductable.

The Foundation is proudly operated by a Board only, with 100% of donations going directly to the cause.

TikvahFIDE Pty Ltd is responsible for generating wealth for Tikvah Education Australia Foundation Limited, so it can achieve its charitable purposes.

  • Join TikvahCLUB for Educational products and services for students, teachers & homeschool families.
  • TikvahFIDE’s educational programs promote interstate and international tourism and give back to the communities that help make the programs possible.


Become a Sponsor

The HoTLaNe Academy provides services that are free to students who are enrolled in Australian public schools.

How you can become a sponsor:

  • Sponsor an Interstate or International Excursion – The School of Wanderers provides the opportunity for students to travel across Australia and overseas. This includes HoTLaNe Academy students, as well as other eligible students. On our first international excursion, where we will walk the Kokoda Trail with 7 students in November 2023, we will be creating an educational program about Kokoda and the ANZAC’s at the same time. Your sponsorship not only makes the excursion possible for students, but also contributes to the development of the educational program that will be sold to schools, teachers, and individuals that will generate long-term income for the HoTLaNe Academy and the School of Wanderers.
  • Sponsor a Project – The Tikvah team travels across Australia and internationally to design authentic learning opportunities that will inspire young people to explore the world themselves. The educational programs we create will be sold to schools, teachers and individuals that will generate long-term income for the HoTLaNe Academy and School of Wanderers. Your sponsorship will help us fund the development of these projects.

Contact: Korinne Vitnell – Global Community Engagement Officer – (+61) 488 179 386

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Follow Tikvah Education Australia on Facebook to keep up to date with the HoTLaNe Academy & School of Wanderers, and how your financial contribution to the Foundation is having a significant impact on students.




My goal is to empower others to join in making the vision a reality so that together, we bring hope to children and youth.

Samantha Patrick
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HoTLaNe Academy services are provided free of charge to educationally disadvantaged students who are enrolled in Australian public schools.
The Foundation is financially supported by its affiliated company TikvahFIDE Pty Ltd, as well as by government, business and community based organisations and individuals.
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