Papua New Guinea

7 students travelled to PNG in November 2023 to walk the Kokoda Track.

Find photographs and videos of the excursion on our Facebook page.

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School of Wanderers

The School of Wanderers will take education beyond the four walls of the classroom across state and international borders to inspire young people to learn through immersion and to see the world from a different perspective. This philosophy of education could change the course of children’s lives.

Sending Students Global

Tikvah Education Australia’s Teacher & Author, Jotham Kingston, is writing a book series titled, ‘School of Wanderers’. Jotham’s work of fiction has been inspired by Samantha Joy Patrick’s vision, that we will:

  • Inspire young people to participate in local, national and global communities.
  • Educate young people about a variety of industries and subjects within those industries.

Tikvah Education Australia is establishing the School of Wanderers as a ‘real-life’ school. Founder CEO, Samantha Joy Patrick, believes that opportunities experienced early in life can have a direct impact on a person’s life decisions and career choices in the future. Tikvah Education Australia is therefore providing opportunities for young people to experience interstate and international travel, so they can broaden their horizons. This is provided to students for free through sponsorship.

When enrolled in the HoTLaNe Academy, students become eligible for sponsorship for School of Wanderers excursions. In the future, Tikvah Education Australia will establish the School of Wanderers as a physical school with multiple categories of enrollment for disadvantaged students.



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International Excursion #One – Pilot Trip

Kokoda Track – Papua New Guinea

In November 2023, a team of 5 adults and 7 children aged between 9 and 14 travelled from Port Macquarie NSW to Port Moresby where they ventured across our national border to walk in the footsteps of the soldiers along the Kokoda Track. Guided by Kokoda Historical, the team was immersed amongst the people and the culture of Papua New Guinea.

Tikvah Education Australia’s philosophy of education is that immersion is the best form of education. Students who participated in this excursion returned with a wealth of historical and geographic knowledge and cultural insight that they could share with their friends, family, and
teachers. They will carry this knowledge throughout their lives. This is authentic literacy.

We at Tikvah are proactive in providing authentic educational opportunities for young people, particularly those who experience significant educational disadvantage.

See the excursion on our Facebook page.

Become a Sponsor

The School of Wanderers is a free service for educationally disadvantaged students.

How you can become a sponsor:

  • Sponsor an Interstate or International Excursion – The School of Wanderers provides the opportunity for students to travel across Australia and overseas. This includes HoTLaNe Academy students, as well as other eligible students. On our first international excursion, where we will walk the Kokoda Trail with 7 students in November 2023, we will be creating an educational program about Kokoda and the ANZAC’s at the same time. Your sponsorship not only makes the excursion possible for students, but also contributes to the development of the educational program that will be sold to schools, teachers, and individuals that will generate long-term income for the HoTLaNe Academy and the School of Wanderers.
  • Sponsor a Project – The Tikvah team travels across Australia and internationally to design authentic learning opportunities that will inspire young people to explore the world themselves. The educational programs we create will be sold to schools, teachers and individuals that will generate long-term income for the HoTLaNe Academy and School of Wanderers. Your sponsorship will help us fund the development of these projects.

Contact: Korinne Vitnell – Global Community Engagement Officer – (+61) 488 179 386

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For years, Jotham asked, “What can I write that can be absolutely brilliant?”

“Thank you, Sam, for having your vision because it fired up a storyline in my head.”

Jotham Kingston - Teacher & Author
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