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The Travelling Teacher

Teachers travel to interstate (Australia) and international locations with students (and their families) providing immersed learning opportunities. Instruction consistent with the national curriculum and the national goals for literacy and numeracy.

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School of Wanderers – Immersed Learning Program

  • Prices: tuition + travel & accommodation
    • Private tuition on location $95/hr (minimum 3hrs/day)
    • Group tuition on location $40/hr (minimum 3 participants, 3hrs/day)
  • Compressed delivery tuition services in immersed learning environments to help kids and youth (& adults) to:
    • Improve their literacy and numeracy skills (including functional literacy skills).
    • Develop cultural, historical and geographical inquiry skills.
  • Available all year, except December 23 – January 5
  • NDIS Participants – developing functional literacy skills for daily living and community engagement in the home, work environment, local community or in distant locations. (children and adults)


  • Available to selected HoTLaNe Academy students who are significantly behind grade level.
  • Implemented in conjunction with the TikvahSCHOLAR pre-service teacher program.
  • Invitation for FREE participation in the following:
    • Short stints of instruction during eConferences.
    • HoTLaNe Academy kids and youth conventions.
    • Compressed delivery tuition (2hr to full day blocks).
    • School of Wanderers interstate and international excursions.

Papua New Guinea – Kokoda Track

Upcoming School of Wanderers excursions will be published closer to the date.

7 students and 5 adults travelled to PNG in November 2023 to walk the Kokoda Track.

Check out Facebook for photographs and videos of the trip.

School of Wanderers takes education beyond the four walls of the classroom across state and international borders.

Enabling young people to learn through immersion and to see the world through a new lens.

Tikvah Education Australia endeavours to change the trajectory of young people’s lives by authentically engaging them in a global world.

Image: finding war relics on the Kokoda track – November 2023

Student Work Sample 6

HoTLaNe Academy

A grade 4 Indigenous student retained the information gained from international travel and applied it to a writing task during HoTLaNe lessons.

In this work sample, we see geographically relevant vocabulary related to international wars. We also see connections to recent news events related to the war in the Middle East.

The literacy progress demonstrated as a result of HoTLaNe lessons was substantial, having demonstrated 1.5 years growth in two weeks.

This philosophy of education is impacting students academic achievement.

“I see them as young adults, transformed from their past, no longer a liability but an
asset; able to build value into the lives of people that they know, rather than dragging
them down. I see them being a productive, rather than a destructive adult.”

“I want them to know that they can go beyond their immediate world. I want them to GO
beyond their immediate world.”

Samantha Patrick - Founder CEO & Teacher
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HoTLaNe Academy and School of Wanderers sponsorships provide educationally disadvantaged students in Australian public schools with essential academic intervention services.

Educationally Disadvantaged: significantly behind their grade level, significantly disengaged from classroom learning, regularly suspended, expelled, and/or whose behaviour significantly impacts on their engagement in learning.

Funding: The TikvahSCHOLAR pre-service teacher coaching program funds student sponsorships. Selected students of the HoTLaNe Academy are chosen for sponsorship to receive instruction by a pre-service teacher, which is an integral part of the pre-service teachers professional learning program.

TikvahSCHOLAR Coach: Founder CEO, Samantha Patrick.

Call to speak about enrolling into TikvahSCHOLAR. Mob: 0422 031 546


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