Pre-Service Teachers & First Year Grads

Improving student outcomes in Australian public schools through immersed professional coaching for teachers.

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TikvahSCHOLAR – Professional Coaching

  • Cost:
    • Private Coaching: $75/hr
    • Semester course (21 weeks): $99.00/week or pay in full at 20% discounted rate $1,663.20
  • Semester Course  – Two sessions per week
    • Session 1 – (2hrs) eConference.
    • Session 2 – (up to 2hrs) small group coaching. Immersed professional learning with HoTLaNe Academy students.
    • Assigned tasks with regular feedback.
  • Learn to effectively:
    • Teach literacy and numeracy across key learning areas of the curriculum.
    • Assess and report on student learning.
    • Implement evidence-based practice.
  • Increase your chances of becoming a ‘targeted grad’
    • Professional coaching by Samantha Patrick, who graduated with distinction and ‘targeted grad’ status in 2017.
    • Finish the program with a portfolio of evidence of professional practice and improved student outcomes.
  • Required: WWCC, apply first aid certificate, anaphylaxis certificate & previous/final semester study results.

Opportunities for a second semester course to further advance your skills are available.

TikvahSCHOLAR Program Outline PDF Download

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Immersed Professional Practice

TikvahSCHOLARS are eligible to be selected for the following immersed professional learning opportunities:

(additional fees apply)

School of Wanderers

Be immersed in ‘on the job’ coaching on interstate and international excursions with HoTLaNe Academy Students.

Your participation in the TikvahSCHOLAR program makes it possible for Tikvah Education Australia to sponsor academically disadvantaged students for School of Wanderers excursions.

Remote Australians

Be immersed in remote learning communities across Australia, learning how to meet the academic needs of students who are well below grade level in literacy and/or numeracy.

My goal is to empower others to join in making the vision a reality so that together, we bring hope to children and youth.

Samantha Patrick
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HoTLaNe Academy and School of Wanderers sponsorships provide educationally disadvantaged students in Australian public schools with essential academic intervention services.

Educationally Disadvantaged: significantly behind their grade level, significantly disengaged from classroom learning, regularly suspended, expelled, and/or whose behaviour significantly impacts on their engagement in learning.

Funding: The TikvahSCHOLAR pre-service teacher coaching program funds student sponsorships. Selected students of the HoTLaNe Academy are chosen for sponsorship to receive instruction by a pre-service teacher, which is an integral part of the pre-service teachers professional learning program.

TikvahSCHOLAR Coach: Founder CEO, Samantha Patrick.

Call to speak about enrolling into TikvahSCHOLAR. Mob: 0422 031 546


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