Pre-Service Teacher Scholarship Fund

Pre-service teachers who receive a scholarship with Tikvah Education Australia Foundation Ltd are trained through immersion to implement evidence-based practice.

A limited number of scholarships are available for motivated students who demonstrate interest in furthering their skills and increasing their employability. Selections are made upon the completion of a 2-week probationary period, in which students participate in professional development with qualified teachers.

Pre-service teachers must have completed at least 12 months of study in an undergraduate education degree, are receiving a credit average, and are studying full time. Pre-service teachers applying for this scholarship must be an Australian citizen.

Scholarship Grant: $5,000

Scholarship Term: 12 months

Time Commitment: Up to 8 hours per week (Tikvah mentors will support students who elect to volunteer additional time).

Graduate Scholars: Students who participate in this program undergo intense teacher training. Their service to the Foundation, and the skills they gain, is acknowledged. Teachers receive a TikvahSCHOLAR Graduate Certificate and a transcript of their achievement against the national standards for teachers (aitsl).


Expression of interest should include a reference letter (letter of recommendation) from a University teacher.
Email expressions of interest to: